Capture Everything With Insta360

Insta360 specialise in high quality, cutting-edge cameras that are both easy to use and affordable. They allow you to capture stunning 360 degree images instantly and can easily be shared using the insta360 App.

RCG Distribution partnered with Insta360 because of their continued development of 360 degree cameras and are excited as to their future applications.


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Insta 360 Air

Insta360 Air

The Insta 360 air is a compact camera designed for use on Android phones enabling you to capture 360 photos, video and even live stream from your device. 

A lightweight 26.5 grams and only 37mm diameter, it can be carried everywhere with you in the supplied rubber case. 

Available in four colours and with either Micro USB or USB Type-C plug, it is the 360 camera suitable for everyone. 

Insta360 Nano

Easily connecting to the lightening port of your iPhone for live view and playback, the Insta360 enables you to capture more and see more.

With its twin 360 lens, the Insta360 captures everything around you providing a recording that can be replayed for a unique immersive experience.

With real-time stitching, instant-sharing and smartphone connectivity, the Insta360 nano is fantastic for capturing an immersive perspective wherever you are.

Relive your 360 Experience

Insta360 Nano has a unique packaging solution allowing for the smartphone to be repurposed as a headset. The smartphone can be inserted into the box behind a pair of lenses and held up to the eyes allowing for a truly immersive replaying of your captured media.

The videos and photos can also be enjoyed through popular VR headsets.

Insta360 Pro

VR in ultra-high definition. Capture stills and videos in stunning 8k resolution and go deep with 360 degree 3D imaging. 

The Insta360 Pro’s compact, spherical frame is custom-milled from aluminum alloy and surrounded with six 200° lenses.

Insta360 software allows for optical flow image stitching, seamless dynamic, precise patching of visuals between the cameras.

Alongside its 100fps slow-motion ability, the Insta360 Pro is even capable of real-time image stabilisation for smooth video on the move.



The Insta360 Air can be connected to your computer for use as a 360° webcam.

A number of accessories make use of Insta360 mount, allowing you to capture more action with your camera. Using the mount you can attach to a variety of mounts, so you can use your Nano for skateboarding, parachuting, or any action sport. A waterproof case is also available to capture full 360 degrees of underwater action!