Shanghai skyline

China’s Technological Star Isn’t Just Rising, It’s Going Supernova

Typically, the impression of China in terms of the products it exports has been of mass-produced, low to medium quality items, which cover everything from musical key rings to flashing dog collars. Whilst these and a multitude of other products still get shipped by the container load to e-commerce sellers, high street retailers and wholesalers, […]

insta360 one in use

Insta360 One Distributed by RCG Distribution

If you think about the advances in mobile image and video capture technology over the last 20 years, they have been nothing short of epic. In the late 1990s, the first camera phone hadn’t even been released and when it was (Sony in 2000), the 0.4-megapixel images weren’t so much eye openers, but more likely […]

mavic pro drone in flight

Why Additional Drone Regulation Is Great News

The rise in the popularity of drones for commercial use has seen the market grow to a staggering £102 billion per year. With this rise in demand, the range of models has increased and advances in technology have led to ever more impressive specifications. This means that commercial drones now have faster speeds, can climb […]

Why Dashcam Sales Are Definitely In The Fast Lane

One of the fastest growing imagery products not only in terms of sales, but also in the awareness of consumers, is car dashboard mounted cameras or dashcams as they are more commonly known. If you visit YouTube and other video sites you will see collisions and near misses recorded by the dashcams of drivers either […]

PolarPro Filters : Giving your customers the creative edge

PolarPro Products Distributed By RCG Distribution For the vast range of outdoor scenarios which commercial photographers, video producers and film makers find themselves working in, the one thing they can’t rely on is the light level. On days when they need bright light and sunshine invariably it will be dull and rainy, and when they […]

Insta360 Pro Black

Bringing 360° UHD footage to creatives everywhere : Insta360 Pro

Insta360 Pro Distributed by RCG Distribution Demand for 360° cameras for videos and photography has increased enormously over the past few years and expectation levels with regards to the quality of these images have never been higher. With the introduction of the Insta360 Pro Camera, photographers, whether they are professionals or amateur enthusiasts, can now […]

Wholesale DJI Mavic – Leading Innovation

RCG Distribution is pleased to be supplying the DJI Mavic to our growing portfolio of resellers. Through our strong relationships and market insights we have enabled a growing number of retailers in various industries to diversify their product ranges and expand their product offerings. The Mavic is not only suitable for the usual aerial photography […]

RCG Distribution Supporting Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. It has allowed innovators to pitch their products to the masses and secure funding to bring their products to life in exchange for rewards, such as receiving one of the first versions of the products made. The largest project on Kickstarter to date has been Pebble […]

Stewart Dunne to Manage European Sales

RCG Distribution is pleased to announce Stewart Dunne as our new European Sales Manager. Stewart brings with him a wealth of sales experience from previous roles and will lead our sales team to manage our existing customers and expand in to new markets. Stewart is pleased to be joining RCG Distribution at this very exciting point […]

We’ve teamed up with LumeCube

After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Lumecube launched their revolutionary, smart, little light. Their lights are suitable for photographers, videographers and also the increasing amount of “iPhone-graphers”, allowing them to achieve fantastic results in low light settings. Since inception, Lumecube has expanded the possibilities of it’s light by adding several new and innovative mounts, they can now be […]